Flownex SE Update 2 Released: New Enhancements & Features

Flownex SE Update 2 Released: New Enhancements & Features

January 3rd, 2018

Flownex Update 2 includes major enhancements to further improve the user experience and ease of use. The improvement of the solving capability and speed, along with additional features and solvers, new models, and components are but a few of the enhancements!

We’ve paid special attention to the Licensing Module Selector, as well as a new ANSYS CFX generic interface component that enables the user to model heat transfer and pressure drop in ANSYS CFX (3D), seamlessly coupled to a Flownex® network (1D).

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Major enhancements in Update 2

Licensing Module Selector


We’ve added a licensing module selector that enables you to choose the required modules needed for a particular task. This allows for optimal value in module sharing. Read more about how this will work.

ANSYS CFX Generic Interface component


We’ve also included a new ANSYS CFX Generic Interface component that will give you the ability to model heat transfer and pressure drop in ANSYS CFX (3D) and seamlessly couple it to a (1D) Flownex network. Read more about its functionality here.

Cavity Wall Editor


A Cavity Wall Editor has been built in, allowing you to draw the cavity wall profile for Rotor-to-Rotor or Rotor-to-Stator components. See it in action!

Global Parameters


The capability to specify global parameters means you can now link these parameters to any amount of inputs and will act like any other property in Flownex®, and can be used as part of transient scenarios in actions, sensitivity analysis studies, reporting, etc.

Excess Flow Valve Component


A new Excess Flow Valve Component has been created. This is mainly used in gas distribution networks as a protection device. Read more about how the EFV component works.

API / Extendibility

You’ll also see several new examples in our API / Extendibility as well as Python and C# network examples.

Click here for the update as well as our full release notes on more added features and bug fixes in Flownex 8.8.2

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