This webinar will discuss the background and application of using Mode Superposition for solving Transient and Harmonic Dynamic analyses. Mode Superposition is faster and less expensive than the full solution method for many problems. For Harmonic response, mode superposition allows results to be clustered around the structure’s natural frequencies.

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Presented by: Kalyan Goparaju, Technical Support Engineer

Kalyan Goparaju received his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from The Ohio State University in December 2017. The focus of his Ph.D. research was on identifying the flow and acoustic behavior of complex supersonic jets using high-fidelity LES, and developing advanced predictive tools to efficiently capture the acoustic characteristics of such configurations. In addition to noise prediction, he also worked on minimizing/mitigating acoustic radiation from shock dominant jet flows using active flow-control methods. After graduation, Kalyan interned at Exa Corporation where he worked on automotive aeroacoustics methodology development. In October 2018, he joined ANSYS as a Technical Support Engineer.