• 23rd August 2022 - 26th August 2022
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • 22nd November 2022 - 25th November 2022
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Learn the fundamental skills necessary to unlock the power of nonlinear solutions in Ansys Mechanical. Understand the nonlinear solution algorithm and the end-to-end solution procedure that may be applied to all nonlinear analysis problems. Efficiently simulate the structural response of physical systems with features that are vital for the accurate representation of many complex real-world physical phenomena, including large deflection, surface-to-surface contact, elastic-plastic material models, nonlinear buckling, and others. Utilize sophisticated debugging tools to quickly diagnose nonlinear convergence issues.


  • A technical education and background is recommended but an engineering degree is not required.
  • Completion of the ANSYS Mechanical Introduction course.

Who Should Attend?

Mechanical Engineers, including Automotive Engineers, Materials Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Structural Engineers, and many other subdisciplines.


This online course is split into 4 sessions over 4 consecutive days at 2 hours each.

Sessions run between 9:30am  – 11:30am.

Course Fee


Online Schedule

Start Date: 23 August 2022

Sessions on 23 August, 24 August, 26 August and 26 August.

Start Date: 8 November 2022

Sessions on  22 November, 23 November, 24 November and 25 November.

Classroom Training Option

A classroom-based course is also available at one of our venues if preferred to virtual training.

Registration / Further Information

We can also run this course on a date of your choosing or as a bespoke course. Please let us know if you are interested in this option.

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Details on how to join the webinar will be emailed to you once registered.

Session 1

  • Module 01: Overview
  • Workshop 1.1:  Shell Disk
  • Workshop 1.2:  Line Search
  • Module 02:  Procedure
  • Workshop 2.1:  Large deflection

Session 2

  • Module 03:  Restart Controls
  • Workshop 3.1:  Restart Controls
  • Module 04:  Introduction to Contact
  • Workshop 4.1:  Contact Stiffness Study
  • Workshop 4.2:  Symmetric vs Asymmetric

Session 3

  • Module 05:  Rate Independent Plasticity
  • Workshop 5.1:  Metal Plasticity
  • Workshop 5.2 : Hardening
  • Module 06:  Buckling and Linear Perturbation
  • Workshop 6.1:  Linear Perturbation
  • Workshop 6.2: Post Buckling with Stabilization

Session 4

  • Module 07:  Nonlinear Diagnostic
  • Workshop 7.1:  Contact Diagnostics
  • Module 08:  Mesh Nonlinear Adaptivity
  • Workshop 8.1:  Mesh Nonlinear Adaptivity

Registration / Further Information

23 August 2022

22 November 2022

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