Comprehensive Multiphysics Reliability Solutions in Electronics Systems | Ansys Webinar
  • 27th January 2022
    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

27 January 2022

2pm GMT

45 Minutes including Q&A session

  • How do I meet urgent market demands faster than my competition AND be confident that my product is reliable?How do I reduce costs associated with physical testing by running simulations to explore and validate design options?
  • Learn how simulation helps avoid component and assembly failures due to mechanical shock and vibration, drop and impact events, and other scenarios
  • How can I assess issues such as delamination and component cracking?
  • Learn how leading pre-processing and solver technologies enable the evaluation of devices involving complex physics, including shock and vibration, drop-test and thermal-mechanical interactions?
  • What kinds of analysis and testing can I perform using simulation software?

This 45-minute webinar will use Ansys solutions to answer these questions and help improve mechanical reliability within electronics.

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  • Using Ansys Solutions to help improve Electronics Reliability
  • Electronics Reliability Engineering Challenges
  • Electrical Reliability
    • Power and Signal Integrity
  • Thermal Reliability
    • Flow Fields and Temperatures
  • Mechanical Reliability
    • Shock and Vibration analysis

Q&A Session (questions will be typed in by attendees during the event)

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