Enhancing imagery within CFD to help results interrogation

Enhancing imagery within CFD to help results interrogation

November 22nd, 2016

An important part of working with simulation technology is producing imagery to explain results and support arguments.

In ANSYS CFD we are typically working in the fluid-space with simplified graphical representations used for the flow boundaries. Traditionally we run simulations and generate results in the form of contour plots, streamlines and vector plots with context provided by using outer walls.




But for enhanced visualisation we can combine the simulation results with fully rendered geometry. This improves understanding and assist in results interpretation, particularly for those not always familiar with simulation.




The images are created by importing a faceted geometry (STL file) into ANSYS CFD-Post. The faceted geometry can prepared in ANSYS SpaceClaim from the original CAD data, and then rendered in CFD-Post using a range of built in colours and textures . The process is very quick, but some thought is required to prepare the CAD geometry properly if you want to do cut-through views – such as in the main pipe in the above picture. This technique is particularly useful when looking at internal flows.

Another trick worth mentioning is the ability to add your own logos – as with the Wilde logo above. This can be done by setting up the environmental variable CFX_USER_IMAGE_DATA on your Windows Operating System.

These simple techniques create bespoke and high-fidelity results that are easy to interpret and enhance the end-users understanding of your virtual prototypes.

Chris Bennett, Senior Engineer

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