DDEFORM V12 Release Announcement | DEFORM News

DDEFORM V12 Release Announcement | DEFORM News

June 12th, 2019

SFTC has announced it will soon release Version 12 of the DEFORM system. This release builds upon the next-generation modelling interface and revolutionary multiple operation (MO) workflow introduced in DEFORM V11. The DEFORM V12 introduces many “under the hood” enhancements and new applications. Users of all skill levels can expect improvements that make DEFORM faster, more powerful and easier to use.

DEFORM V12 Enhancements include: 

  • Updated MUMPS solver delivers significant speed improvements
  • New ALC contact algorithm allowing the use of CG solver for multiple deforming bodies
  • Improvements in robustness and speed of global remeshing program
  • New local remeshing technology
  • Enhanced post processing
  • Rigid body contact

New DEFORM Applications include: 

  • New Data Analytics Module
  • New Shot Peening Module
  • New Ring Rolling template and solver enhancements
  • New Spinning/Flow Forming template
  • New Extrusion template
  • Arc welding support
  • Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  • Gas nitriding/nitrocarburizing
  • Microstructure modelling developments

For more details about the DEFORM V12 Release, read the full article here >> DEFORM News Spring 2019

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