Plastic Packaging & Extrusion Simulation

Numerous challenges exist when designing plastic packaging or extrusion for industrial or consumer product applications. Our Ansys-based solutions enable you to virtual prototype both your design and your selected manufacturing processes.

When designing plastic products, challenges include:

  • Material costs have to be minimized. Even saving a tenth of a percent per package can lead to large raw material costs savings.

  • The packaging must be structurally sound and resist different structural constraints such as stacking-up during transport, quizzing of the packages by consumers and dropping accidents.

  • The filling process must be optimal to minimise both filling time and the amount of gas captured.

  • Dispensing the liquid must be a positive experience for the customers— the right amount of squeezing for the right amount of product dispensed.

Software & Consulting

We provide a complete multiphysics capability to cover all aspects of packaging design, including blow moulding, thermoforming and extrusion polymer processes.

  • Ansys Polyflow allows engineers to optimise material distribution — to ensure the absence of weak spots — by simulating the manufacturing process.

  • Design geometry (including local material thicknesses) can easily be transferred for structural analysis within Ansys Mechanical to ensure that the product will withstand normal stress and strain.

  • Design geometry can also be assessed using Ansys CFD to predict the behavior of the container and liquid, including liquid filling and dispensing simulations.

  • ‘What-if’ and optimisation studies can be undertaken using a parametised model.

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