Metalforming, Machining & Heat Treatment Simulation

Process modelling of metal forming operations can be an extremely cost-effective application of simulation. We have 30 years research and industrial experience helping companies improve product performance & quality and reduce tooling & energy costs through the optimisation of a wide range of forming processes.

Software & Consulting

By simulating their metals-based manufacturing processes, our clients have:

  • Increased innovation in new manufacturing processes
  • Created optimised rather than marginal processes
  • Reduced shop trials & development costs
  • Improved process design & less reliance on experience
  • Manufactured higher quality products and less scrap & rework

Overall, simulation helps their engineers gain an in-depth understanding of how their process performs and the resulting metallurgical properties following manufacture.

As Northern European channel partner for DEFORM and UK & Ireland reseller for Ansys LS-DYNA, since 1997 we have provide software and consulting solutions that can address challenges and design issues with most metals-based manufacturing operations.

Many have been using DEFORM for between 10-20 years with our support and training, due to its accuracy, ease-of-use and flexibility to simulate complex large deformation, themo-mechanical phenomena associated with manufacturing metal parts – from initial material preparation and furnance heating to final forming, machining and heat treatment.



When clients have not had the resources to perform simulations themselves, we have worked in partnership to solve their manufacturing issues and create more robust, cost-effective processes.  Example projects include: 

  • Investigation of cold forming die failures
  • Development of inertia welding modelling strategy
  • Prediction of distortion of hot forged railway wheels during cooling
  • Formability assessment of automotive deep drawn panels
  • Optimisation of 3D shearing operations in the aerospace industry
  • Determination of spring-back during dishing processes

For forming processes where the metal is exhibiting predominantly ‘fluid’ rather than ‘solid’ behaviour, we also call upon our in-house fluid dynamics specialists and Ansys CFD software.

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