Geotechnical & Soil-Structure Analysis

FEA and limit equilibrium techniques are well-established tools for assessing the behaviour of soils and adjacent structures. We have provided PLAXIS software & services since 1996, together with comprehensive structural analysis services, and also supply marketing leading slope stability and data management solutions from Bentley Systems.

Geotechnical Engineering

Our geotechnical analysis software and services help:

  • Predict ground movement, structural deflections and loads with accuracy
  • Reduce conservatism within designs
  • Understand performance changes due to loading & material uncertainties

We are the UK channel partner for Bentley Systems’ suite of geotechnical engineering solutions, including PLAXIS analysis software and gINT for geotechnical data management.

PLAXIS is specifically developed for the simulation of staged construction, consolidation & settlement, bearing capacity and many other applications, and is established as the world-leading FEA software for detailed analysis of ground movement, foundations, tunnels, slopes, excavations and problems involving consolidation and groundwater flow. It now also includes comprehensive 2D and 3D rapid slope stability design and assessment tools, based on the limit equilibrium method.


PLAXIS 3D tunnel with foundation model (Courtesy: Plaxis bv)
PLAXIS 3D tunnel with foundation model


We have in-depth knowledge of soft soil, hardening soil, small-strain stiffness, jointed rock and creep behaviour, including Mohr-Coulomb, Hoek-Brown, Modified Cam Clay and Sekiguchi-Ohta materials.

Dynamic response results from a PLAXIS simulation can help develop a spring/damper model for a separate, more detailed analysis of above-ground structures. We can also support Ansys FEA users with their application of in-built constitutive models. 

Seismic loading of a dam (Courtesy: Plaxis bv)
Seismic loading of a dam (Courtesy: Plaxis bv)


The ease of use and value gained from PLAXIS means that most of our geotechnical clients prefer to use the software themselves, assisted by our tuition and technical support services. 2D and 3D versions are available to suit user requirements, including named-used Practitioner and network-based licensing. Flexible purchasing options are available for occassional and short term use as well as long term investments.


PLAXIS 2D prediction of basement excavation deformation predictions (Courtesy: RJM Ground Solutions Ltd)
PLAXIS 2D prediction of basement excavation deformation predictions (Courtesy: RJM Ground Solutions Ltd)


For clients who require simulation capability at short notice but do not have the internal capacity or skills, we provide geotechnical consulting services in conjunction with a range of technical partners.

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