Accelerating Rapid Product Development with ANSYS Discovery

Accelerating Rapid Product Development with ANSYS Discovery

February 16th, 2018

Following a preview of ANSYS Discovery Live, ANSYS has released the powerful new ANSYS Discovery family of products that can bring intuitive and real-time simulation insight to all engineering decisions.

The family of products include ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim, ANSYS Discovery AIM, as well as Discovery Live. These three products which are available as a bundle can accelerate your product development and bring innovations to market faster and more affordably.

Fitting in with the ski season, I would like to share with you an example of ANSYS Discovery Live being used during technology preview by Rossignol, the leading makers of winter sports equipment.

The team of engineers at Rossignol work closely with designers and skiers to create competitive new products. In order to have their products ready for the ski season time-to-market is critical to them. ANSYS Discovery Live allowed the engineers to assess design changes in real time, collaboratively with their team and immediately explore product performance once they had captured feedback from the skiers as soon as they came off the slopes. Thanks to the radical ease of use and groundbreaking speed of ANSYS Discovery, Rossignol were able to immediately pick up and use simulation.

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You too can discover your designs’ full potential through simulation – significantly faster and easier than ever before.

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James Latham, Business Development Manager

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