Webinar: Improving Valve Design and Reducing Physical Tests with CFD

Are you using Computational Fluid Dynamics techniques to help characterise and optimise the performance of your valve designs? Today, CFD is an established and powerful simulation tool within the valve industry that provides insight and helps drive innovation more effectively than relying on physical tests alone. Attend our free webinar to understand practical applications and learn how Wilde has helped companies with both valve and system design.

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Event Details

Start Date/Time 22 May 14:00
End Date/Time 22 May 14:30

CFD has been proven to generate valuable design information otherwise unobtainable, replacing or reducing physical testing where this is not cost-effective. With significant experience in investigating valve and sealing issues, we will discuss how ANSYS CFD solutions, including both ANSYS CFX and ANSYS FLUENT, can be applied to

  • Characterise equipment
  • Understand / improve / optimise performance
  • Model system behaviour


  • Introduction to Wilde Analysis
  • What is CFD? How can it save costs and add value?
  • ANSYS CFD and Workbench: workflow and simulation management
  • Typical uses of CFD in the valve industry
  • Applications
    • Cv and loss coefficient
    • Steering design
    • Actuation forces and moments
    • Supporting system design and flow network analysis
    • Opening/closure dynamics
    • Thermal analysis
    • Erosion

Who Should Attend

  • Design Engineers and Managers
  • End-Users and Project Managers

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