Webinar: Managing Thermal Issues in Electronics Design with CFD

Do your designs involve the packaging of electronics within a confined space, potentially leading to thermal management problems? Join our free webinar outlining modern methods used to predict and optimise the thermal performance of electronic systems, including how this can support reliability qualification.

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Event Details

Start Date/Time 24 Apr 14:00
End Date/Time 24 Apr 14:30

In addition to the typical requirement faced by engineers to package electronic components and systems into increasingly small enclosures, avoiding failure and detrimental performance due to overheating is particularly challenging when:

  • Other considerations preclude the use of fans and place restrictions on grille design
  • Your rack-mounted module is competing for air flow in a crowded chassis
  • You need to design against fan outage

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an invaluable technique to quantify component temperatures and visualise air flow. ANSYS Icepak is a CFD-based simulation tool specifically designed for the electronics industry, enabling engineers to maximise the use of available air flows and keep temperature-sensitive components within an acceptable envelope.


  • Wilde Analysis within the electronics industry
  • How can simulation save costs and add value?
  • Overview of ANSYS Icepak
  • Applications
    • Heat sink and cooling fan selection and sizing
    • Layout optimisation
    • Performance in working environments
    • Supporting reliability analysis
  • Q&A Session

Who Should Attend

  • Mechanical Design Engineers and Managers involved in Electronics packaging
  • Electrical/Electronics Designers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Project Managers

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