Evaluation of Life Test Plans with Different Censoring Schemes

Evaluation of Life Test Plans with Different Censoring Schemes

January 18th, 2017

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Evaluation of Life Test Plans with Different Censoring Schemes

There are many options available when designing a test to elicit failure distribution parameters and associated metrics. For example, there are multiple censoring schemes that can be used, such as testing all units to failure or suspending the test after a specific time or number of failures. There are also practical constraints, such as the number of units available or the total test time available. This article uses the SimuMatic tool in Weibull++ to examine the tradeoff between total test time, the number of test units and the variability of an estimated metric for four different life test scenarios. Read more.

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SRE Honors Longtime ReliaSoft VP

Doug Ogden, longtime vice president and executive at ReliaSoft, received the Society of Reliability Engineers (SRE) Fellow Award on December 19 at ReliaSoft Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. Ed Pohl of the University of Arkansas presented the award to Doug in recognition of his years of service and tireless devotion to advancing the field of reliability engineering. Everyone at ReliaSoft extends their heartfelt thanks and congratulations for this well-deserved honor. For more information about SRE, visit http://www.sre.org.

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