First in UK to achieve Expert Status in Autodesk Moldflow Simulation

First in UK to achieve Expert Status in Autodesk Moldflow Simulation

April 28th, 2017

Wilde is very proud to announce one of our Principal Engineers, Louis Barnes, is now an Autodesk Moldflow Certified Expert.


Louis passed the ultimate Moldflow certification exams with flying colours, making him the first engineer in the UK to achieve Expert Status. He now joins an elite group of fewer than 50 Moldflow Experts worldwide!

The Autodesk Moldflow Certification programme tests knowledge of injection moulding, plastic part design and mould design best practices, in addition to the Autodesk Moldflow software. There are three levels of certification (Associate, Professional and Expert) with Expert being the highest. Below Louis describes his fantastic achievement:

 “I’m very pleased to have passed the Autodesk Moldflow Expert Certification on my first attempt. The Expert Certification process is a rigorous test, not only of software knowledge but also tool design and processing. Using analysis as part of the design process has huge benefits in terms of reducing costs and defects, provided the results are interpreted correctly. Expert Certification gives our customers confidence that they are getting the highest level of guidance. It also puts us in a fantastic position to support our software customers with training and help them along their own path to Certification.”

The final stage of the Expert Certification involves writing a technical report, detailing the prediction and resolution of real-life distortion problems. We think the feedback Louis received speaks for itself!

“I loved your report. You did a fantastic job discussing the problem and your solution is fantastic. Great job!”

Jay Shoemaker, Principal Learning Content Developer for Moldflow Products at Autodesk

For more information on the certification process and how we can help you achieve similar qualifications, please click here or alternatively contact us to discuss with Louis or one of our other Moldflow engineers.

Furthermore, if you have a new injection moulding project or want to improve an existing process, why not call us to discuss how we can help using Autodesk Moldflow.

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