ANSYS Advantage: Spotlight on the Digital Exploration

ANSYS Advantage: Spotlight on the Digital Exploration

July 18th, 2017

ANSYS Advantage magazine explores business trends through the eyes of executives in world-leading companies. These industry leaders share best practices and ideas to inspire you to rethink your own business strategies with regard to a wide variety of topics that include inspiring innovation, engineering communications, breaking into new markets, speeding products to market, remaining competitive, and much more.

While simulation has often been viewed as a complement to physical testing once design concepts are ready for validation, simulation can add even greater value upstream, during product ideation. This issue of ANSYS Advantage features organizations in many industries that have reaped the benefits of leveraging engineering simulation early in product development.

Feature Stories

Best Practice, Best Product
Digital exploration, or upfront simulation, is the best way to investigate thousands of design options before product costs are locked in.

Opening the Valve to Improved Design
Using ANSYS AIM, Metso can digitally explore the performance of a new design in a few hours and substantially increase valve performance.

For the complete ANSYS Advantage Magazine, view: ANSYS Advantage – Volume XI Issue 2, 2017

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