4-sight Consulting Ltd: A Wilde Analysis Company

4-sight Consulting Ltd was acquired by Wilde Analysis Ltd on 31st October 2013. Wilde Analysis is a UK-based engineering consulting company that specialises in providing leading software, consulting and training services in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Safety & Reliability Engineering.

4-sight is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilde Analysis Ltd and part of the Wilde Group.

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Welcome to 4-sight Consulting

Established in 1993, 4-sight Consulting is an international supplier of a wide range of consulting and training services in technical safety, with clients including major process companies in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The company was founded and managed by Bill Gulland and Tony Foord, both of whom continue to work in the business.

4-sight now operates as an autonomous company within the existing Safety & Reliability Business Unit of Wilde Analysis.

“Adding technical safety services to our existing portfolio of products and services enables us to offer an enhanced solution to our clients in the area of risk management. As a vital step in our overall growth strategy, we are confident that we will be able to expand 4-sight’s reach within the technical safety community, resulting in the creation of new jobs” David Deakin, Managing Director, Wilde Analysis

Bill Gulland of 4-sight and David Deakin of Wilde Analysis celebrate the joining of the two companies
Bill Gulland of 4-sight and David Deakin of Wilde Analysis celebrate the joining of the two companies

How to Contact 4-sight

Primary Contacts:

  • Graham Morley
  • Tony Foord
  • David Deakin
  • Brian Miller

Tel: +44 (0) 161 4747479
Email: 4-sight@WildeAnalysis.co.uk or info@WildeAnalysis.co.uk

4-sight Technical Safety Services

Please follow the following links for further information on our 4-sight services.

4-sight Technical Safety Papers